Thursday, December 15, 2016

Buttercup Bags

I was given a bagful of beautiful fabrics from a friend who was trying to decrease her fabric load (like that's ever a real problem, right?!). I had a whole bunch of my own that I had kept for years, because I was waiting for the right project to use. Well, I finally found the right project for a bunch of my fabrics!! Here it is, free Buttercup purses from the free pattern by madebyrae

I very much love how the purse turned out, and the fabric pairing was quite lovely in my opinion! Her pattern is free, and comes with fairly easy to follow instructions. I decided to follow some of the recommendations given in the comments to increase the size of the bag. I did this by printing out the original pattern to 125% using Adobe Acrobat's poster printing feature.

I found the pattern to be so simple to make, I decided to make one for all my family and a few of my friends. Check out the fabrics I chose! Let me know in the comments which one is your favorite!!!