Thursday, May 25, 2017

Archery Quiver - Free Sewing Pattern

For Christmas this year we got our younger two bows (because our oldest had one and it was SOOOO COOL!), and one of their grandparents got each of them a set of extra arrows. Now I went from 1 bow and arrow set (which held the arrows and bow together) to 3 bows and 15 arrows! We tried to go to the archery range nearby, but trying to manage all those arrows became a hassle! I thought quick... I need to make quivers to hold those arrows!

I looked online to see if there were any patterns already, but I didn't see one that was simple, had a way to distinguish whose was who's arrows. So I came up with a pattern myself!

I think it turned out fantastic, and with the awesome little accent piece that each child picked out, they know which one is theirs!

The pattern does get a little tricky when you have to layer the straps to attach them at the top, but I made a nifty little diagram that will hopefully help you.

Happy sewing!