Friday, July 6, 2012

Blogging Shift

Well, I haven't been doing much that is blog-worthy. A few hemmed pants for the Mr. and some towel coverups for the kids. And when I say towel, I really mean rags, so I won't embarrass myself by posting photos of those. Not to mention I have a blogging rule of never posting photos of my kids. I'm just not one to exploit my beautiful children for my blog, although doing that may increase my traffic by a ton because my kids REALLY are cute. I've heard tons of stories of photo-stealing, and I just don't want that to happen to my children's beautiful faces.

Nonetheless, I'm going to announce a shift in blogging topics. My oldest is pre-school age, but we are very much considering home-schooling. Therefore, my time the past while since we moved has been researching and building a curriculum and schedule of some kind for my kids. I have fallen in love with something called folder games, or folder activities, even lapbooks. It is compact, easy to organize, easy to schedule, and fun for the kids to learn from. You can use them to teach so many basic skill! So my blog will be transitioning slightly towards more kid-friendly crafts for my kids, and other moms who are looking for similar activities to make for their children.

So keep a look out for those new items coming to my blog, and every once in a while I'll post something more like what was posted before. Happy crafting!!