Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hair Bow Holder

So my daughter's hairbow collection has continually been growing, and we needed a new place to store them. So, instead of storing them in the box in the drawer, I made a hair bow holder.

It was so easy, here is how I did it:

  • Foam board (at the dollar store!!)
  • pretty material (enough to cover board)
  • lots of ribbon
  1. I just took my hot glue gun and glued the material to the back edges of the entire foam board. Then I took my ribbon and cut it to fit the board vertically.
  2. I decided with the size of my bows, that a 3" space between each line would be enough. So I started by measuring 1.5" from the edge, then every 3 inches from that mark to the end. (3" divided evenly into the length of my board).
  3. Glue the ribbons where marked.
  4. Take one more ribbon and glue it to the top in two locations for it to hang. and DONE!

It almost looks too pretty to put bows on!