Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hair Bows and Hair Clip Holder

So, for my daughter's 2nd birthday, I made her a ton of hairbows.
And when I say, a ton, I seriously mean it:
She's got two of each color. I bought 40 or so yard long strands of different colors from a seller on eBay for like $10. I bought the hair clips on Etsy for about $8. I already had hot glue, and so all I needed to do was find a tutorial on the bows I wanted to make. It took me probably 5 hours to do them all. That's just a guess. But it made a really nice gift that will last her whole life!!

So then I've decided to try my hand at selling my hair clips. In order to do that, I needed a display board of some kind to show them off. I bought a 11x14 art board from Deseret Industries (a good will type place) for $.75. I saw they were about $1.25 at Walmart. I took a bit of pretty cloth that I had and glued it to the board. I measured where to put the ribbon (I have to have everything symmetrical, there's not much I can do, it's the mathematician in me.) and glued the ribbon on. I bought an 11x17 paper and glued it to the back so that the back looked pretty too.

And there you have it! This small little board probably wouldn't even be able to hold all my Daughter's hairbows... It will just hold my for sale ones.

Happy Crafting!