Monday, May 27, 2019

Crochet Heart Key Chains - FREE PATTERN

For Christmas this year, "Santa" gave us tickets to go to Disneyland! (All my kids now know the truth about Santa) So we went earlier this month, and the kids had A BLAST! While preping for our trip, I knew we would be spending A LOT of time in lines, so I wanted to bring something to do. Per usual, my husband brought a book to read to the kids while in line. My kids ADORE his book reading. And I do too! But I like to keep my hands busy, so I tried to think of what I could bring to crochet that would be easily portable, small, (NOT a C2C blanket) and fun to work on. So I got thinking....
I could make a bunch of hearts to make something small to give/sell at craft fairs this year... So I looked at a bunch of heart patterns and decided that I wanted one that could be done in ONE round, and petite enough to be a key chain. So I came up with this pattern! You should have seen me making these in the lines at Disneyland! I took a gallon size zip lock baggie and put a bunch of scraps in a variety of colors and kept it in my backpack. Then I would pick one color and stick the little ball into my pocket and work the crocheting in my hands while walking through the lines! I would snip the yarn after each heart and work on the next one, until I used up the whole strand of yarn. I had some old ladies commend me for my genius set up!

Then, after I got home I decided to add these cute little tails to the hearts that I made. The key rings that I ordered still haven't come in!

THEN, because you can't just stop at just a few colors, I had to make one in almost EVERY COLOR yarn I had. That included these beautiful rainbow colors! Go and make yourself a fun set!

Here is what they look like when finished!

Here is the pattern:
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Materials needed to complete the blanket:
Gauge not essential, If using materials listed, your hearts will measure 1.25"x1" or 1.25x4" (with tail)

Written Instructions:
In the Magic Loop: ch 2, 3 dc, 2 hdc, 1 sc, ch 3, 1 sc, 2 hdc, 3 dc, ch 2, slip stitch into the ring and cut the yarn.
Pull the Magic Loop tight to pull the heart together. Tie the two loose ends and sew them into the back.

To make a tassel, cut four 6" strands of yarn and insert the crochet hook into the back of the ch-3 space (point) and pull the center of the four strands through the ch-3 space. Pull the tails into the loop formed by pulling the strands through the ch-3 space. Pull tight, and you're finished!

Add a key chain ring to make a cute little gift that used up lots of scraps of yarn!