Thursday, May 24, 2018

Flower Puddles Blanket - Genie

I couldn't help myself and I made another blanket using the Lion Brand Mandala Yarn. You can read where I got the pattern in my original post: Flower Puddles Blanket.

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I love the edgy feel that this blanket has. It is very different from the other two I made from Mandala Yarn, that were both a rainbow color scheme. I used two skeins of the yarn called Genie with one skein of Caron Simply Soft in White.

The colors worked in rounds perfectly. My technique of blending the two strands of Mandala yarn at just the right moment makes for a perfectly blended blanket.

I simply adore this pattern. The ripples really stand out and the striking colors make it look so bold!

The flower edging is one of my favorite features of this blanket. The colors happened to work in my favor and ended with a nice solid colored edge. It puts a clean finish on this blanket.

If you love grays, whites, and teals, you should consider purchasing this blanket from my Etsy shop! Or you can custom order a blanket just like this using a different blend of Mandala yarn!