Thursday, March 29, 2018

Flower Puddles Blanket - Mandala

A while back I found a whole bunch of skeins of Lion Brand Mandala yarn in the most gorgeous colors. The best part? They were on CLEARANCE, so I got nearly every skein the store had left!

It was when I got this yarn that I began searching for a fun pattern to use this beautiful yarn that I stumbled on the Flower Puddles Blanket. I first tried to make it out of the yarn by itself, but I found that I couldn't get the gauge to be right, it kept bubbling!!

So after figuring out the gauge a bit better with other yarn types, I finally decided to give the Mandala yarn a go!

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I decided to use two strands of the Valkryie Mandala yarn with one strand of a neutral white using Caron's Simply Soft yarn. I might use a different neutral color depending on the color scheme of the Mandala yarn.

I found that the three strands and size N-15 hook worked beautifully. I started one strand halfway through the gray, and the other strand I started at the purple. I staggered the mandala yarns so that it would create a more blended effect, instead of harsh, unpredictable color changes.

I absolutely love love love how it turned out! The colors did blend nicely and I only had to piece together one ball of yarn to get the colors to match and continue the pattern.

I loved how this one turned out so much that I made a second one out of the yarn called ThunderBird

I used the same technique as the first blanket, just using a different color scheme! I loved the colors and how bright they were!

I hope you have enjoyed these photos and start crafting something beautiful!