Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Triple the Fun!

I have a friend who recently had TRIPLETS! I've seen friends (and family) have twins and while I've never had to go through that, I can attest that it is a huge challenge.

I decided to make her some cute owl hats that I've made several times before. I was glad I had started right when I was invited to the shower. I didn't know how long the owl hats would take to complete, and I had about a month before the shower. I had finished the three hats (not owl decorations) when I found out the shower was being moved to two weeks earlier! I had to kick it into high gear to be sure they were completed in time.

I absolutely love the way they turned out. I almost didn't want to give them away. Glad I did though, check out the final picture.

Here is the link to the pattern for these owl hats:


Here is a photo of the triplets! Don't they make the hats look fantastic?!