Saturday, January 4, 2014

It's amazing what paint can do

Title says it all. Like I had mentioned before, we purchased our first home, and boy, does it need a lot of work. Pretty much all of the work needed is cosmetic, which means we can boost value very easily! Check out this dated, pink bathroom. The hideous over the toilet shelf held very little for how bulky it looked.
Some horrific pink color
 I had been playing with a bunch of different colors to see what color scheme I want in my home. I really liked this color, Crepe by Behr.

Behr: Crepe
It looks beautiful and tan in the sunlight, but a bit peachy with the incandescent light and dim lighting. I think I will be able to remove a lot of the peachy tone by throwing on a second coat. It will take two maybe three coats to abolish that nasty pink.

I love the bathroom 100 times more now that it is not pink. I will love it 100 times more when I get the second coat and the over the toilet shelf (small one sitting on the toilet, awaiting installation).

What do you think? New favorite color? Maybe something more tan for the rest of the house?