Thursday, February 28, 2013

My First Quilt

Okay, so I've finally gotten my first quilt stitched together. I've been working on this quilt for probably 2 years. The first year was spent collecting old/ too big jeans from freecycle and craigslist. Then I designed the quilt myself- It is just a simple brick pattern that I thought would work well with different colored denim. The majority of my time was spent cutting seams apart and then cutting the fabric strips to size.
It was a long process....
Sewing only took me about 2 hours to get it completely assembled. Not too bad for a newbie! I used a full sized sheet (So now you have an idea as to how big this thing is!) as the bottom layer, and an ugly blanket for the middle. I just stitched it together and I feel like the queen of quilts!!!

I know it's not the most amazing thing ever, and a lot of the seams are not lined up as they should (Hey, it was my FIRST quilt!), but I am SO PROUD of how it looks. My next job is to put a decorative stitch around the edge to give it a finished look. I think I want to do this by hand, and then add some decorative quilting in select "bricks" on top. I'm thinking about a handprint from all the family members, flowers, something cute and simple. Any ideas?

Oh, and the best part about this quilt- was that the materials were FREE!
- Old, oversized, craigslist, freecycle jeans (This quilt used approximately 15 pairs of adult jeans)
- Ugly old blanket for thickness/padding
- Sheet previously purchased as a couch cover for a couch no longer owned. ($6 from Walmart)
- Sewing materials I already have, thread, sewing machine, etc.

Love it!

If you were wondering why there was a dearth of posts on my blog, this treasure is why!