Thursday, April 5, 2012

Baby Barefoot Sandals - Flower

These baby barefoot sandals are SO CUTE! This pattern is for a simple barefoot sandal with a flower inside it that will look SUPER cute! Enjoy!
pattern on a 20 month old (fits great!!)

Light Worsted weight yarn
Size F hook
Yarn needle

Using different combinations of size and hook can get you different sizes. Using the items described, your sandal will fit about 12-24 months. Use smaller hook or a lighter weight yarn to get a newborn size.  Please comment with how you achieved different sizes.

Be sure you know how to do a dc3tog stitch before attempting!

Start with a magic loop
Round 1 (IN MAGIC LOOP): Ch 3, dc2tog in ring, *ch 5, dc3tog in ring, ch 2, dc3tog in ring, ch 5, dc3tog in ring, ch 5, dc3tog in ring, ch 2, join with top of ch-3. (should look like a flower with petals connected with chains). Tighten loop.
Round 2 (Edging): ch 1, sc in same st, (sc 3, ch6, sc3) in next ch-5 space ONLY, then sc 5 in each ch-5 space, sc in each sc3tog, and sc 2 in each ch-2 space around. Fasten off.
Ties: Attach thread to top corners (I attach to the middle of 5 chains)and ch 30 for ties

Please add a comment with the size needle and type yarn you used with the age it ended up fitting for others to get a better idea for gauge!
I only have access to so many children to gauge!