Friday, January 27, 2012

New Etsy Shop

So, I used to use my Etsy shop to only sell my origami. I've had it about a year but have had few sales. I know that my photographs need improvement, but the products are still great! I came to a realization that I'm not doing crafts to run a business of any kind. I just am trying to find a way to fund my craft adventures, and I need to price my items accordingly. I used to price the items so that I would make a decent profit (something like [materials +cost of time] x2), but I have drastically reduced the prices of all my items so that my inventory of finished crafts that I personally will never use will go away! Anyways. I have added a link to my shop to the side of my blog, and I plan on adding more crochet items pretty soon!

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  1. I've found if you want to increase your sales you need to increase your followers and likers. Here are some of the good ways I have found to get out there:
    Facebook business - free
    Facebook groups - join as many groups as you can to do with your craft, if they will let you show what you are making etc.
    Tweet - I wasn't a big twitter user before now but everytime I post something to my blog, add something to etsy, add something to facebook business I link in the tweet. Follow other people and your followers will increase.
    Pinterest - if you need an invite let me know. You add each picture from your etsy shop so people can click straight to your shop
    Blog - do giveaways and/or free how to's every so often or free patterns. I have also started up guest blogging, this way you can get traffic in from other sites and increase your followers.
    Also put a link to your shop from your blog page (at the side) then if you add pictures on the blog of something that is for sale they can go straight to your shop. Hope this helps. Sue x

    1. Thanks for those tips! I'm trying to expand a little but not TOO much. I'm not trying to make a real business out of this, just get rid of some excess finished products and fund future projects!


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