Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Birth of a Crochet Pattern

Ever wonder how people come up with crochet patterns? What exactly is the process? How long does it take? Well, here is one designer's attempt to answer those questions. I have been writing patterns for over two years now, and I simply love to crochet and share my creations with everyone!

Here's the process I go through to make patterns available to you:

Something sparks an interest, whether it is finding something on Pinterest, seeing someone wear something, catalogs, TV, etc.
I will look around on the internet to see if there is already an existing pattern. I glean from similar patterns, search through my books of crochet stitches to figure out which stitches work for my idea. Be careful that your pattern doesn't infringe on any copyright like for trademarked characters (Disney, Pixar, etc.)
I will try out my initial idea and see if I can translate it directly to crochet. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, depending on the complexity of the stitches being used. I will write down what I did and make changes as I evolve the pattern and create a "final product". The image above shows my experimentation to create the Peacock Feather Applique free pattern
Rough draft
Then I type up a rough draft of the pattern. I check it for errors and make sure it seems clear enough.
Self-test pattern
I test the rough draft pattern myself first. I want to be sure it produces exactly the same results every time. I make sure the stitch counts are correct and that all the numbers add up and the text is clear.
Take photos
Since I already have a few sample products, I choose the best ones and take photographs. I've learned that the best way to take photos is with natural light and a simple background.
Write up final pattern
I make any last minute revisions to the pattern, add the photographs and finalize the pattern.
External Pattern Testers
I request some pattern testers from various boards on and I try to get 2-3 people to test the pattern for clarity and accuracy (and type-o's).
I will review recommended revisions by the pattern testers and make any final revisions to my pattern.
Then I start to do the happy dance because everything is just about ready! I transfer the pattern onto Blogger and pick a day/time to post the pattern.
After posting, I'll make a post on my Facebook account to let my friends know I've added a new FREE PATTERN! I'll post some pictures onto Pinterest, and then add the pattern to Ravelry. This is just about all the "advertising" I do. My awesome patterns make it irresistible to share and I will watch over the next week as my blog visitors increase due to the interest in my new pattern!