Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dainty Hexagon Earrings

This earring design was one of my first when I first moved back to San Diego. When we moved back, I had just delivered my youngest daughter, and was recovering from pregnancy and delivery. Crocheting was one of my biggest outlets. I loved it. I started designing a few earrings and a few scarf designs for charity. I love crocheting and I hope you enjoy this pattern!

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Size 7 crochet hook (This is the first set I ever owned!)
Crochet Thread size 10 (This is a great brand for cotton thread!)
Sewing needle (Blunt ended needles are a MUST HAVE!)
Size 4 Crochet Hook (I highly recommend this set!)
Embroidery Floss (This is a great deal on bulk floss!)

Works out to be about 1.2 inches wide using the cotton thread, or 1.5" using the embroidery floss.

Round 1: Ch 6, sl st to form ring.
Round 2: Ch 6 (counts as dc + 3 ch), (dc + 3 ch) in each ch around. Sl st to 3rd ch of first ch-6.
Round 3: Ch 1, *(2 sc, ch 3, 2 sc) in the ch-3 sp, sc in the dc from previous row; repeat 5 more times. sl st and finish off.

My original photo for this pattern from 2012!