Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Plush Market Hearts - FREE CROCHET PATTERN

Hearts are a beautiful symbol of love. TEN YEARS AGO ago I crocheted some plush hearts for my girls. They loved them when I made them from worsted weight yarn, because they fit in their hands perfectly. I got a hold of some blanket yarn this summer, and wanted to make some new hearts to sell in my upcoming market. My (now older) kids love these ones just as much as the little ones. The blanket yarn makes them squishy and huggable! 

Just like last time, I used Mamachee Crochet patterns to make these plushies, except I made a few changes, detailed below.

Link to Crochet pattern:

Changes I made:

I used Bernat Blanket Yarn and an 8mm hook. Due to the thickness of the blanket yarn, I had to modify the pattern slightly. I skipped Round 2 and for Round 3 I did 2 SC stitches in each stitch. This still gets you 8 sts in that row for it to still work with the rest of the pattern. I follow the pattern for the rest of the heart- The one change really helps the shape of the tip with blanket yarn.

I hope you enjoy this pattern mod!