Wednesday, May 30, 2018

HeartSprinkle C2C CAL - Week 3

I made it through the green section this week with a few errors that delayed my finishing this week until yesterday. I'm caught up now!

I made a few mistakes on the end of the yellow that transitioned into fixing in the green section. I didn't want to frog all that work to fix something that hardly anyone will notice, especially my girls, for whom this blanket is destined.

There were a few places where I made a mistake where the last block of a color change was supposed to go, but luckily, if I caught it immediately (before it had been crocheted over) I was able to snip the offending square out and put in the correct one.

I love the details on the hearts, and I am glad to be done with so many color changes!

It's turning out fantastic! My girls haven't seen the final product image, so they have no idea what's in store for them!