Wednesday, June 11, 2014

**New** Pattern Tutorials

I have decided that in order to help support my family (rather than just my charity efforts), I will be producing a series of step-by-step photo tutorials for some of my more popular patterns. These patterns contain high resolution images and tips throughout the pattern to help you complete the project, available to you for a small fee, $1.99

Yes, I know. A fee. I have decided to keep all of my blog patterns for free. If you thoroughly enjoyed the availability of my awesome patterns, please consider purchasing the pattern tutorial as a token of appreciation.

If you genuinely need assistance completing one of my patterns, see if it has a photo tutorial available for you to purchase.

They are available for purchase at my etsy shop ( or through my etsy-mini located in the side bar

Thank you for your continued support. I continue to make comfort scarves and donate them to our local shelters here. That work will not cease.