Thursday, September 13, 2018

Triangle C2C Blanket - Free Graph

Ever since I discovered corner to corner crochet, I have not been able to stop designing things! I love this thing!

It started with the Unicorn C2C blanket crochet along, then I designed the Herringbone C2C blanket, and now I'm introducing the Triangles blanket! 

I designed this blanket with my son in mind. He loves the color red, and there are shockingly very few "boy friendly" crochet patterns out there. My little nephew had a quilted blanket made from triangles, and I thought, I could make this out of C2C! So I went and designed this Triangle Blanket!

I got started in July, and unfortunately, it was a VERY HOT MONTH here in San Diego. We had so many days of 100+ degree weather, that I just didn't feel like crocheting a blanket. After a month of working on the blanket, I posted an image showing my progress, hinting the pattern would be coming soon:

I got a few responses eager for the pattern, which I had hoped to release within a week or two. However, my efforts were sabotaged by another month of very hot, humid weather in August. That, and I volunteered last minute to take over my daughter's soccer team, because the original coach had to step down due to health reasons. Well, now all the time I thought I was going to have to work on it was lost! (Not for a bad reason, though.) I am actually enjoying my first experience coaching, even though I have even less time to crochet.

It's been about a month since that post and I've made SOME progress, but not much.

Since my time is so tied up, I decided to release the pattern even though I have not finished it. I already have several other designs that I want to make, and I simply will not be able to make each one before posting the pattern. So I will be posting the free graphs with links to the written pattern on ETSY, and share my WIP with you and update the post as I complete the projects.

Here are the final images!

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With this graph, you can make it in the colors listed, or exchange one for another. You could do a completely different color scheme and I'm sure it would look awesome! This is what it would look like with three shades of blue!

Materials needed to complete the blanket:

Size I Crochet Hook (5.5MM) (This is the set I use: Boye 6-Piece Aluminum Crochet Hook Set)
2 Skeins Harvest Red (I used Caron’s Simply Soft Harvest Red)
2 Skeins Autumn Red (I used Caron’s Simply Soft Autumn Red)
2 Skeins Black (I used Caron’s Simply Soft Strawberry)
2 Skeins Gray (I used Caron’s Simply Soft Grey Heather)
2 Skeins White (I used Caron’s Simply Soft White)
Yarn Needle

Gauge not essential, C2C Crochet a triangle 8 blocks high. If your triangle measures 5.5” tall, your project will end up being 36”x52”. If your triangle is larger, you will likely need 2 skeins of each.

Written Instructions:
If you are interested in receiving written out instructions for this blanket, I have a PDF version for sale that include right handed and left handed versions.

Free Graph:

Here you can get the FREE graph for this design:

(right click and select "save image as" to download it at full size)

With this graph, you can make it in the colors listed, or exchange one for another. You could do a completely different color scheme and I'm sure it would look awesome!

Not sure how to use the graph or written instructions?

I have an awesome resource page that links to several of my favorite Youtube Videos!

Click here to go to the resource page!

I hope that you enjoy this pattern! Remember to tag me on Facebook or Instagram to show me your finished products!