Thursday, April 20, 2017

Diaper Cover Pattern Updated

So I am in the process of going back and editing and updating some of my first (less experienced) patterns to improve some design flaws, make them easier to understand, and provide better photos. This Newborn Diaper cover is the first one that I am sprucing up!

So here you have the new and improved Newborn Diaper Cover!!

The pattern has been updated on the old post, and the revisions include:
  • Improved readability, writing, and corrected stitch calculations
  • Improved pattern design allowing for pattern to be completed with a separate trim (the trim was part of completing the diaper cover before)
  • Updated photos
If you are still having trouble with this pattern, feel free to purchase my photo tutorial for the Newborn Diaper Cover on ETSY. This photo tutorial comes over 100 photos with step by step instructions, added tips, and close up photos on tricky parts. This tutorial will help anyone make it through the creation of this diaper cover.