Thursday, February 4, 2016

Charity Scarf Making Efforts

Since I receive donations to support my charity scarf making efforts, I feel I must post the status of such donations so that I am held accountable to you, the donors.

I first started making these scarves in 2013, and since, my blog has gained popularity. At first, it was only a few scarves each month, but I quickly realized I could not keep up with these orders! In 2014 and 2015 I received funding to make 71 comfort scarves for the Handmade Especially for You charity. I spent much of 2014 catching up with 2013 orders and with our house project starting in 2015 I fell completely behind. In order to help balance the check book, so to speak, Each year I will donate the remaining funds that I did not use directly to the charity. They will either use the funds to purchase yarn or to help offset shipping costs to deliver the scarves to the women's shelters.

With this new policy in mind, I have donated $111

I appreciate your kindness in helping me make a tiny difference in the world!