Friday, April 22, 2011

Hat Display

So, I'm probably going to be selling these beanies at farmer's markets, and other craft shows, so I wanted a nice, cheap way to display the hats. After searching online, I didn't really find much, and so I came up with something on my own:

Supplies needed:
1/2 inch diameter wood sticks, about 12" long (I got a pack of 6 at joanns for $1)
2x4 about 1.5 feet long (or similar item for base)
4" styrofoam balls ($4.50 for 2) [NOTE: I used 4" balls because I make newborn sized hats. 4" will look nice up to about 6 months old. After that get a 5" ball, for adults get a 6" ball]
Cloth if you want to cover the styrofoam ball

1. drill holds in the styrofoam ball to fit the sticks. Also drill a hole in your wood stand.
Step 2: put glue in the hole and around the stick. Let sit overnight.

Step 3: Cover with cloth
(I chose not to do this step right now, I'll probably do it later!)


Now you can just put the sticks in the holes you drilled in the wood stand and put your hats on the balls.