Monday, May 25, 2020

Crochet Headphone Cord Cover - FREE TUTORIAL

As a homeschooling family, we just a few online curriculum as we educate our children. As such, we have a pair of headphones for each kid! They used to break them fairly regularly, and so I finally started getting the more expensive bluetooth headphones to help prevent breakage. HOWEVER! I can't justify throwing away the headphones when the only problem with them is a split cord. You know... from each head phone ALLLL THE WAY to the jack? Do you know what I'm talking about? Look at the picture below....

My kids have done this to several pairs, and this was always my solution in the past:

Laugh all you want! But it worked! at least, it kept the cords together, not necessarily increased the longevity of the headphones. I feel like knotting the cord will weaken it over time and so when I looked at this sad pair of headphones I had an epiphany... I'LL CROCHET A COVER! and that will keep the two wires together!!!!!

Let me just say, I felt like a genius!

Here's how I did it....

Start with a worsted weight yarn of your choice, and the recommended hook for the yarn you chose. Mine was just a scrap, and so I opted to use a size H hook.

Start with a slip knot on the hook and do a slip stitch over ONE CORD by the jack. This prevents it from slipping down off the end!

Then you single crochet around both cords (and the tail) allllll the way up until you are comfortable. Be careful to not make your single crochets too close or too tight or it will warp. I had to manually space mine out  afterwards when I realized my cord was warping!

Fasten off the yarn and get your yarn needle to sew in your tail. I just used the needle to go right back down the cord.

Then trim the excess yarn and your project will be finished!

Now you'll have a cool fancy headphone wire cover that all the kids will want to wear!!