Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Custom Order - Crochet Chicken

Occasionally I'll post in my local Mom's group that I crochet, and I invite them to like my Instagram or join my facebook page. I post with the hope that I'll get more followers, not custom orders.
I find that custom orders can be tricky, if the client is very specific about what they want, color demands, or specific pattern requirements.... and usually they want to pay pennies for my time put into the project.
Well, last month I did my usual "check me out!" post and I got a private message with a custom order request. The request was simple, she wanted a crochet chicken to give as a gift. She shared a free pattern on Pinterest that she liked, and I quoted a fair price for the materials and time it would take to make it. At this point, I'm kind of holding my breath because I'm expecting hostile negotiations about to begin....But she gladly accepted my price and while I couldn't start right away, I was excited and happy to work on this project for her. And I think it turned out lovely!

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I started out by working on the various appendages. They're smaller and work up faster. It's easier to squeeze in those pieces when I need a break from my other projects. I wanted to work up the body in one sitting, so the tension would be the same throughout the piece. So I started that one later.

I got all the pieces put together, and all that was left was the assembly!

I didn't want to stuff it the way it was with the fiber fill. The yarn we decided on (Lion Brand Hometown USA - White) was bulky so it left larger holes between stitches. I took some white fabric from my stash and sewed an insert in the appropriate shape, and put a little bead pouch at the bottom to help weigh it down. I was VERY PLEASED with the way it turned out!!!

Isn't she so cute! I probably should have made some little eggs to go with it! How cute would that have been?!

Happy Crocheting!