Wednesday, February 17, 2016

DIY Hair Bow Holder

Remember way back when I made a bunch of hair bows for my daughter? If you thought that was a lot, guess what?! They multiplied!!

Now that I have two little girls living in my house I needed to come up with a new storage solution for all those hair bows. Here's why...
In times past, I tried to make one out of foam board, but the ribbon I used stretched out and the foam board quickly collapsed and didn't work for us anymore. We resorted to keeping the hair bows in a clear box storage container. We thought it was a good solution until the kids started dumping the hair bows on the floor every. single. day. I had to come up with a solution fast...


As you can see, the hair bows multiplied exponentially! I made them a beautiful rainbow assortment to match any outfit.

Here are the instructions to make your own MASTER hair bow holder.

Materials needed:
- Two 6' pieces of 1x2 lumber (to make a 2'x4' frame as shown)
- Four L corner brackets (see photo below)
- Two Sawtooth picture hangers (kits usually come with two or four)
- Wood Glue 
- Saw to cut wood
- Paint of color choice
- 35 yards of ribbon (I used satin white)
- Hot glue gun
- Staple gun


  1. Cut each wood piece into a 2' and 4' piece (or whatever size you decide to make yours).
  2. Screw the L brackets (as shown below) to connect the two pieces.
  3. Use wood glue to secure the wood in the corners.
  4. Paint (I used two coats).
  5. Cut ribbon into pieces long enough to reach the back of the wood (for mine, it was 30", but PLEASE measure yourself before cutting [measure twice, cut once])
  6. I spaced the ribbons 3" apart (my average bow size) and attached the ribbon with hot glue.
  7. Staple the ribbon to reinforce.
  8. Attach sawtooth hangers, checking the wall for a stud to place the hanger where it will line up with a stud for secure hanging. 
This picture sums up instructions adequately.

       9. Put your hairbows on, and ENJOY!!

This solution has worked great for us!