Friday, October 26, 2012

Still crafting

I've still been crafting... I made some bean bags for tossing games for the kids. I also made this little dress for my girl out of a dress someone gave me for free.
I've also just finished another coat on a wood dresser that I refinished. Nothing fancy, just a nice walnut coat. I'm mostly working on getting our house clean and packed because we are moving AGAIN. Yes, we just moved back to San Diego but GMA has decided to move out so we have to downsize in terms of living space. Luckily for us, it's just down the road, and all my craft stuff is still in boxes (10+ boxes worth >_<).
Along those lines, I'm going to be posting all my crafts onto ETSY because I just can't store them anymore. I've changed my shop to have lower prices (I'm not really in it for the money anyways, just LOVE crafting!!), and focused on elminating my supply of finished crafts.
Enjoy the shop, and keep crafting!